We are part of a new Ways of Work team, within a large South African financial institution. Our lean journey started in 2013. David and I joined the team September 2014 and were hooked.

The focus of the journey within the bank is IT….


    …, but that doesn’t mean we are only working in the ‘development’ flow. We are also working within support functions like Finance and across domains within the private banking space and corporate.

    The new ways of work teams are focusing on Lean, Agile and Dev Ops…. naturally Lean is the glue that sticks it all together, but then I am very biased and to be honest, so long as the teams are learning, having fun and getting better at what they do every day, does it really matter what ‘brand’ we are using ?


  • Our journey started in 2014 using a Management Consulting house. It sounded like a good way to go, but since mid 2015 we have been focusing on using in-house talent instead, and a different approach – something less structured and time consuming (we hope).

    Our starting point was a formal, project based lean transformation (with the inevitable detailed diagnostic phase identifying all the issues in a team using 5 lenses and then putting in a plan to resolve these).


  • Sustainable change that is owned by the team’s and guided by Lean specialists. This site was created to focus on visualisation, huddles and coaching but the concept of flow and kata seem entwined in the primary goal of creating sustainable lean transformation.

    So think…Lean, learning what value is and how to get it to flow through our bank, learning what flow is, seeing flow, improving flow, generating powerful learning spaces for teams to shine and grow and excel, removing waste, VSM and A3 thinking, Gemba and Kata….coaching and powerful leadership, learning how to learn….throw in some Kanban and systems thinking…and anything else we find that we can use to change the way our teams, our people and our bank work and that is us!

  • How do we create sustainable Lean Change ?

    What happens if we create spaces where we are the guides and the team’s have the answers, all we have to do is help them get there ?

    How would we create these spaces ? What would need to be in them ?

    Who would we need to be in order to create this ?

    What if it really was as simple as visualise flow, powerful talking and involved coaching ?

Verna du Preez (nee van Schaik)

  • Verna is a 20 year IT veteran, having started out as a developer, spending some time in testing, training, project management and finally Use Case Analysis using the RUP methodologies.

    These days she is using her expertise in a new role, Lean Coach. In this position, Verna spends time with teams around their visual spaces, listening to their conversations and creating learning spaces in which the teams can start to see their work in a new way.  If you can’t see it, you can’t talk about it and if you can’t talk about it, you can’t act on it and make changes! Understanding how to visualise work and how that can impact the effectiveness of teams and flow has become her speciality and in practice has had resulted in powerful shift within the teams she has worked with.

    Verna’s role as Lean Coach extends to the Lean Team itself where she coaches the team on Lean concepts (visualising, flow and Kanban) and how to shift from a consulting approach to a coaching approach.


  • GuinnesCertvernavanschaik.com). Her dive stands her in good stead understanding the challenges of change in IT and how to overcome them. 

    • BSc(Hons) (in Seaweed, in the 90’s you didn’t need a Computer degree to get into computers
    • RUP (Rational Unified Process) and Use Cases (various)
    • Certified Consciousness Coach, studying toward certification in Ontological Coaching
    • Avid Leadership Embodiment proponent
    • Perpetual, eternal learner


  • My land cruiser, visiting Botswana, elephants, beagles…living off the grid (I do, on a plot where Eland and Baboons raid the garden), reading, writing, learning about how the world works, quantum theory…



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