• When you can see it, you can talk about it! If you can’t see it, you don’t talk about it and nothing changes

    Until we can see the work, (where it is and why it isn’t flowing) we talk about what we think is happening – not what actually is happening. We end up in passionate conversations about who is right (or wrong) and have little to no ‘fact’ to support viewpoints and actions.

  • It is our belief that Visualising the work is the foundation on which lean transformation hangs. Visualisation alone isn’t enough, which is why you need to combine it with daily accountability sessions where team’s create powerful learning spaces in which they talk about what isn’t working, why and how they can  change that.

    It is this combination  of visualisation and conversation that enables team’s to become self-learners and lean transformation to become sustainable

    Are you visualising work ? What are you visualising and how is it supporting new ways of work and Lean thinking ? What is your team talking about ? What can’t they see ? 

Blog Posts On Visualisation

Key Visualisation Elements

  • If your visualisation is made up of text and line graphs you may want to think about adding some images and colour into the mix. Think a car dashboard – you don’t get told there are 20l left in your petrol tank, you get a gauge that shows, full, half, empty – you know where you are within seconds.

    And that is the trick- images and colours tell stories fast! 


  • The one visual feature that we have found that can change a team’s effectiveness is the introduction of a simple, generic Kanban card. This shifts teams from writing everything onto their wall and creates a possibility for:

    • consistent information to be gathered about work
    • movement of work into different spaces and so the ability to start to create heat maps of where things are stuck

    How are you using Kanban cards ? What information is a must have ?

    For some ideas on Kanban cards, click here

  • 5 seconds to see what isn’t going according to plan, 10 seconds to find out what the blocker/ issue is and 10 seconds to see what is being done about it!

    Can your visualisation do this ? In even 5 minutes ? If not, shouldn’t it ? Imagine if you could walk to any space and see just that… in 25s ?