'Go To' Books

Our ‘Go To’ books, the one’s we use daily, reference and tell people to read. Yours not here ? Please let us know what it is and why you use it !

  • BookLeanCultureOne of my (Verna) all-time favourite books and one of the  resources we are using to develop our Gemba walk best practice and sustainability models.

  • BooksKanbanIf you are wanting to create flow, then Kanban is an option that requires serious consideration. Simple to implement so teams can start without too much expertise and learn from where they are – this book explains things well and provides all the basic principles.

  • BookToyotaKata

    The Kata are powerful aids to creating the Kaizen mindset and we are using variations on the theme, taking the concepts outlined in this book and generating custom coaching and observation Kata to support Gemba walks.

    This book was a key resource for us in instituting this ‘best practice’

Other Resources

  • Because visualisation is it! These are videos we use to introduce new possibilities to teams…..have one that you use and it isn’t here ? Please let us know!