• There are many definitions for Lean, we have found that a focus on Flow to be the simplest and more effective way of introducing Lean principles into teams. With visualisation, the flow of work can be easily seen and when you can see how work flows through a team and even better, the organisation, you can start to remove waits and obstacles and really get that value to flow. 

  • We use Kanban, Agile and Feature teams.  Not all our teams are in the new Agile and Feature team space, which is where using Kanban concepts and questions that focus the team on how their work moves, what they need to get their work done and who they wait for, can be a powerful tool.

    What do the teams understand by Flow ? How do they fit into the overall flow of value in the organisation ? How could they visualise flow ?

Blog Posts on Flow

Elements of Flow

  • When showing flow, show the handovers – these are the places where time and work get lost…waiting for Joe in Testing or Annie in Requirements to come back to me…and we wait!

  • The simplest way to show flow is to show it Kanban style. Kanban has some key elements, restricting the Work in Progress is one, the other is to show the queues and so allow the team to pull as they are ready. The power of this is that you can see where the work is piling up and you stop having to hand out work on a daily basis, it is all there.

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