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Welcome to Seeing Flow

This a site reflects on our journey implementing Agile (started out as Lean) within IT in a large financial Institution in South Africa. Our goal is to create sustainable Agile transformation and one of the approaches we are using is combining strong visualisation with daily huddles and specialised lean coaching.

It’s all just one big PDCA experiment really 🙂 and we are loving learning what works and what doesn’t.

  • Will this combination generate sustainable lean transformation ? Will we be able to create sustainable, self-learning teams who are living Kaizen ? What happens if we focus on the problems teams are experiencing right now and use Lean principles to resolve these ? Will experiential learning really work ? How do we shift our Lean specialists from a consulting mind set to a coaching mindset? How do we shift our leaders ?

    Which is why we have created this site – to create a space that is larger than just us.  A space where Lean Explorers across South Africa can engage and exchange ideas…so please talk to us! Ask questions, leave comments, send us a guest blog! What issues have you found ways past ? What challenges are you still resolving ? What tips and tricks could you offer ? 

    Oh yes, the focus isn’t so much on the specific concepts of Lean but on the practical, sustainable implementation with a specific focus on Visualisation, Conversations (Huddles and Stand Up’s) and Coaching. I suspect we will end up including VSM and A3 thinking as those are also key elements  …. but let’s see where the conversation goes 🙂

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